Online Electronic Pull Notice Module

Hello and welcome to our Electronic Employer Pull Notice Module (EEPN)! Before you get started, let us give you a brief summary of what the EEPN program and our system is all about.

The Employer Pull Notice program (EPN) was developed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), targeted at California-based companies who have Class A, Class B, Hazmat, Transit Authority, Certified and Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulated drivers (Limousine drivers, Charter Party Carriers, Owner-Operators etc.). This program allows your organization to monitor the pull notice reports for employees that drive on your organization's behalf. This record monitoring improves public safety, determines if each driver has a valid DL, reveals problem drivers or driving behavior and helps to minimize your company's liability. If you are a company located in California, or are a company with a location in California, you are required to participate in the DMV's EPN Program for your drivers.

National Safety Compliance Inc.'s (NSC) online system helps companies like yours organize the data required in this program in a user-friendly, time efficient, paperless and professional manner that will make the trouble of manually administering the EPN Program a thing of the past! Below are a few reasons why you should use our system and what it is designed to do for you.

  • Designed With Comfort in Mind

    We realize you don't want just another confusing program to administer. We had current California Pull Notice Employers specifically selected to test the system and verify that everything can be done in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort. If you are used to excel spreadsheets, the U.S. postal service and/or file cabinets to organize this data, the difference will be noticed immediately.

  • Reports that Make Your Life Easier

    With the help of our programmers and our experience in the industry, we have developed useful reports to help you administer your EEPN. A "Current Driver Status Report", for instance, is a report that shows you exactly how many drivers you currently have in the system. You can filter the search results by choosing the driver's status in the system. The system can sort this report, and most other reports, in other multiple ways as well.

  • Administration to Keep Your Privacy SAFE

    Although keeping our roads and our driver's safe is a top priority of NSC and the state of California we have also taken great care to ensure that our customers information stays perfectly secure. We took extra steps to ensure the integrity of your information and we are available by phone or email in the case of an emergency.

All of us at National Safety Compliance, Inc. take great pride in welcoming you to the newest addition in our online service modules. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please either email us at or call us at (949) 472-0645 x105.

Remember, you must have a valid Requester Code to access the Electronic Pull Notice Module! To apply for a Requester Code, please use the form below and follow the written instructions (Please allow the DMV 2 - 3 weeks to respond with your requester code).

If you already have a valid Requester Code, please click below to continue to the sign up page