Driver Online Documentation Management System (DMS)

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National Safety Compliance, Inc. offers its clients a secure web-based file program that maintains a driver's qualification process called DMS – Document Management System.

The DMS program compiles complete driver files that are paperless. Documents are scanned into the NSC server directly from the client's location. This program is extremely user friendly, allowing administrators to input data and review files at any time, from any computer.

The program also provides reports and e-mail reminders to help company managers keep the files current and to ensure all required documents are properly maintained. This paperless system will automatically fax the prior employment reference check and prior drug/alcohol background check to previous employers and time/date stamp these attempts. A high speed scanner and digital camera (provided with enrollment fee) allow for easy document entry and a current digital security picture for each driver.

DMS System benefits:

  • Paperless driver qualification process
  • Quick & efficient way to be in compliance with D.O.T regulations
  • Access to your files anytime, from anywhere

DMS System Features:

  • Driver's Social Security Number integrity checking
  • Step by Step DQ File creation process
  • Automated process of generating required forms
  • Documents missing alert
  • High speed online document scanning
  • Auto faxing previous employer forms
  • Full reporting including non-compliant driver report
  • NSC oversight management and security
  • Encrypted data transfer with protected server security

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This program will save your company a tremendous amount of time and effort managing these files and maintaining compliance.

The set-up and annual cost is very reasonable.

Coming Soon

Background checks online including: criminal, credit, social security verification, worker's compensation, CA DMV EPN (Now available), previous employer, education, credentials, and others.

Developing effective and efficient hiring practices is a tedious process, but the rewards are very high. Qualifying a driver/employee before you hire the individual can weed out the "bad apples" and place professionally qualified drivers behind the wheel. NSC believes in the professional driver, and is making every attempt to locate these drivers to provide a safe working environment. Because our goals are the same, NSC has made a commitment to assist you with the entire process to help you save time and money.