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Hazardous Material HM181 & HM126F: (8.0 Hours)

The hazardous material regulations are constantly changing. Significant changes were brought about in two dockets; Docket I (HM-200) Intrastate Transportation of Hazardous Materials; and Docket II (HM-206) Improvements to the Hazardous Materials Communication Requirements. These dockets have imposed new requirements on both shippers and transporters of hazardous materials, which significantly impact the way business is conducted. Most of these new requirements are in effect now, but compliance was mandatory by October 1, 1998.

It is important that shippers and transporters are aware of and conversant with these new requirements in order to properly ship and transport hazardous material. National Safety Compliance, Inc. offers you this opportunity to learn how these new rules will impact your operations. This webinar is designed to train all transportation, warehouse, and customer service personnel, as well as independent contractors that are responsible for the shipment, receiving, handling, and transportation of Hazardous Materials on these new regulations. Please contact us for upcoming dates for this webinar.

Price:   $179.00 per person (includes material, 2 week enrollment required for standard shipping, less than two weeks delivery-additional shipping charges apply. Materials will be directly shipped to your location prior to webinar)
Date: January 18, 2009
Time: 07:00 AM (PST), 10:00 AM (EST)