Consortium Enrollment Small Business FMCSA

National Safety Compliance, Inc. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Part 40 and Part 382 require your company to be enrolled in a drug and alcohol testing program. You have stated that your company has more than one commercial driver that needs to meet this requirement. Enrollment in the Small Business Consortium includes the following:
  • Consortium Drug Testing Policy
  • Consortium membership with Company Certificate and Driver ID Card
  • Pre-Employment and all Random Drug and Alcohol Tests
  • Certified Result Letters for all Laboratory Test Results
  • Driver Educational Materials
National Safety Compliance, Inc.

* Federally required supervisor training materials are available for an extra fee, click here

Program Costs: $199.95 per Driver / per Calendar Year (+ Shipping & Handling fee)

Renewal required each December for the upcoming year.

Sign Up Is EASY!

  • Step 1 - Complete Company, Driver, & Payment Information Worksheet
  • Step 2 - Review Consortium Contract and Accept Terms
  • Step 3 - Review Consortium Drug & Alcohol Policy and Accept
  • Step 4 - Complete Prior Employer Information Request(s)
  • Step 5 - Print Contract, Policy, I.D. Cards & Enrollment Certificate