Drug Abuse & Alcohol Misuse, CDL Driver Training DVD Package

Drug Abuse & Alcohol Misuse, CDL Driver Training DVD Package   Code: DA112
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The Drug and Alcohol Regulations known as 49 CFR, Part 382 and Part 655, require that you provide training to your supervisors and educational materials to your drivers regarding alcohol misuse and controlled substance abuse (FTA rules also requires training of covered drivers). The Regulations require you to establish a testing program for alcohol and controlled substances at your workplace. The training MUST be CURRENT and ACCURATE. These rules apply to all trucking companies, Driver Training Schools, all school bus operations and all religious organizations who use school bus size buses, just to name a few.

Every company that must adhere to the federal D.O.T. drug & alcohol testing rules must have at least ONE supervisor trained to:

1. Determine the indicators of controlled substance use and alcohol use/misuse;

2. Make the determination to test;

3. Document all determinations to test in the required time frame and;

4. Ensure all steps are followed correctly all the way from the actual determination to test - through to ensuring the test is conducted within the required time frame!
SET INCLUDES - *3 DVD's ; 1 Controlled Substance Abuse & Alcohol Misuse Training Manual for CDL Drivers and 10 Drug Abuse & Alcohol Misuse Training Guides for CDL Drivers (FTA & FMSCA combined).  

*1 Substance Abuse for Transportation Supervisors DVD, *1 Alcohol Abuse for Transportation Supervisors DVD and *1 Drug & Alcohol Abuse for CDL Drivers DVD. (DVD's narrated by Ken Baenziger. Substance Abuse Training DVD-1 hour 23 mins. / Alcohol Abuse Training DVD-1 hour 4 mins.)

*Only 2 sets left in stock, order soon!.

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