Alcohol Misuse and Substance Abuse Suspicion for Commercial Drivers

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  By regulation, each driver must receive written information concerning the alcohol and drug testing rules BEFORE the start of the actual testing. The regulation details specific points which must be included and given to each driver; including the person designated to answer the driver's questions, prohibited conduct, consequences of drug abuse or alcohol misuse, understanding the 0.02 BAC and 0.04 BAC limits and what happens if referred to a Substance Abuse Professional, (SAP).

SET INCLUDES - One 55 minute Video and One CDL Driver Training Booklet 

  • Receipt for Course Completion, to be placed in drivers drug & alcohol file as proof of educational materials given to driver
  • Details to help understand the Effects, Indicators and Consequences of Substance Abuse and Alcohol Misuse
  • Additional guides also available for a nominal fee click HERE